Saturday, November 8, 2008

Garden Update

Well, so far my tomatoes are flowering, as are some of the capsicum varieties, namely the mini sweet chocolate capsicum, and the mild something-or-other chillies I got from Bunnings. Hopefully I get some good fruit off of these ones, I was told to pinch off the early buds to extend the harvest of fruit, but I cant bear to do that this year. somehow, the thought of being mean to my plants just doesn't sit right. Hopefully just a passing fad.
The slugs seem to be enjoying the sweet basil that I have planted around the place, I think its now down to a final battle over how much survives. I have on my side a beer trap, some slug pellets, and a ready salt shaker, while they have protective mucus, large numbers, and the inability to form conscious thought. For the sake of my tomato sauces in the coming months, I hope I win!
I just bought two new chilli seedlings today, having had to rule out growing from seed due to the time of year. I picked up one jalapeno, and one red cayenne, both utterly root bound, and about to be repotted. So far I have just been giving them some Seasol before transplanting, and then putting them in a mix of potting soil, compost, sometimes lime, and sandy soil as a filler. A wise uncle once told me that the sandier the soil, the hotter the chilli, will have to see if this is true.

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