Thursday, November 20, 2008

More plants, and a new direction?

So I bought some more chili plants today, and I have decided that I shouldn't tell my wife. Not yet, anyway. I picked up a Hungarian Wax, and an Orange Habanero. I have been looking at Hungarian Wax plants for quite a while now, and have decided that while its not my first choice, I really want a yellow fruiting plant somewhere. The habanero might be to replace the one I have growing at the moment, because it doesn't seem to be in the best of conditions. Hopefully it will pull through, but if it doesn't, I now have a backup. I'm also going to pot this one into store bought potting mix, the first one went into my home made concoction of food compost, pot-ash, and some of the duplex loam soil that prevails here. Or I might try and get some lighter soil, sand even, for the extra heat it adds.
On another note, I have been looking into hydroponics a lot lately, as they seem to be a great way of growing a huge amount in the small space that I have. I first got the idea off of the Refining Fire website, when I was looking at the pictures up there of the set-up. Then I started to think that it couldn't be that hard, so I have been looking at it in more detail, and, not surprisingly, have found that the best source of free information on the net today, about hydroponics at home, is from the various marijuana growing forums. Everyone else doesn't really have a need for hydroponics (damn all you people with a real garden), or they want to charge you a lot of money to tell you how to grow hydroponically. Another problem I have is that even if I wanted to do it, I would probably have to wait until next year's grow cycle to really grow chillies (I want them to never touch soil), plus I have to overcome my families objections to me taking up our already very small yard. Worth pondering though.


Nutty Gnome said...

Ah, a fellow chili lover! I grew about a dozen chili plants in my greenhouse last year - some in home made compost and some in bought compost. All did well in spite of the lack of a summer and produced bucket-loads of chillies, some of which I dried, some got frozen and the rest got eaten - have you tried them deep fried in batter? Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I'm a small-space gardener, too, and I've grown standard jalapenos on my balcony for two years now. This year I decided to mix things up by ordering seeds for a yellow jalapeno. So, we'll see. Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I first got the idea off of the Refining Fire website, when I was looking at the pictures up there of the set-up.
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