Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why why why?

How is it that I get so frustrated by people? I have been looking at youtube for a little bit tonight, and am finding a lot of videos on people eating the world's hottest chilli. Good idea. Except its not the world's hottest chilli, its a habanero. Not a naga jolokia, bhut jolokia, or whichever pseudonym you wish to use today. And its not even like its hard to find out either, have these people not heard of wikipedia? Sure, what you read may or may not be one person's imagination, or, indeed, a government organisation's late night activities, but is usually pretty reliable. But I digress. These people are smart enough to put their video on youtube, or at least someone they know is, so why not check your facts? I do, however, take a large amount of pleasure from watching them eat their chillies, regardless of which ones they are. At least this is a proper one, with one of my favourite quotes, "It feels like someone tazered my mouth".


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